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Improve your striking with Strike Spray!

Off-center strikes are the #1 reason most amateur golfers lose distance. It is difficult however, to figure out exactly where contact was made on each swing. Even some of the best launch monitors don’t measure face contact.

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Give the Gift of Speed this Father's Day!

Don’t buy another overpriced driver this year. Instead, give the gift of more club head speed! This Father's Day Speed Bundle is the complete package including the original SuperSpeed Golf Training System, The new SuperSpeed C Training Club, and the brand new 2021 PRGR Portable Launch Monitor. This package guarantees that you will see big swing speed gains.

The Blast Golf sensor and app provides real-time feedback and tracking of club head speeds with each SuperSpeed club and your own golf clubs. 

The Precision Motion Sensor easily and securely attaches to the grip of nearly any regulation putter, driver, iron or wedge and SuperSpeed Overspeed Training Club. The sensor then connects to your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone via Low Energy Bluetooth providing accurate metrics and valuable insights for every part of your game.

Works only with Adult SuperSpeed sets

Bundle with a SuperSpeed set and Save €29

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