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Dynamic Warmup Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Before you Begin

Please follow these safety guidelines when training with SuperSpeed Golf:

  • Always warm up before training
  • Do NOT hit the ground
  • Switch your grip when changing from dominant to non-dominant sides
  • Always swing towards open space, hitting net or driving range
  • Do not swing towards another person
  • Do not perform more than 3 days per week
  • Take one full rest day between sessions
  • Wear a glove

Best Practices

The counterweight training protocols are for adults and juniors age 8 & above using the SuperSpeed C and SuperSpeed C Junior respectively. Everyone should start with the level 1 protocol regardless of experience level. For optimal results, we recommend training 3 days a week with one full rest day between sessions. Any more will slow you down.

If you are already performing our OverSpeed training protocols and want to add in counterweight training, please replace 1 day out of the 3 days training per week with a Counterweight protocol.

For players who have been working with our OverSpeed training protocols for some time and are in at least the level 4 protocol, we recommend cutting the reps of the level 4 or 5 protocol in half, and add the level 1 Counterweight training in each of the 3 sessions per week.

Training Assets

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