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]The New PRGR Portable Launch Monitor is the perfect addition to any SuperSpeed Golf Training Package. It is an affordable and super-accurate Doppler Radar-based pocket-size portable launch monitor that is incredibly easy to use. 


Bundle PRGR with a SuperSpeed set and make a further saving.

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The Men’s SuperSpeed Golf Training System is the perfect way to add up to 30 more yards to your drive! Coupled with our complimentary online video instruction series on the training page. Increase the speed and power of your golf swing by 5% to 8% in as little as 4-6 weeks of regular practice.


Bundle PRGR below with the set to make a further saving!


    Purchase this training club if... You want to increase hand and arm speed.

    Counterweight training alters the physics of your golf swing by significantly changing the balance point of the golf club and moves mass behind your hands. This allows for significantly faster release speed of the golf club which produces much faster hand and arm speed in your golf swing. Similar to training with Orange Whip that help you improve rhythm and tempo, but with the huge bonus of increasing your club head speed and distance too!

    The SuperSpeed C club is the newest addition to the SuperSpeed line up.  This allows for a significantly faster release speed leading to more club head speed. Complimentary online video instruction is provided under the training tab on the website. The C club can be used on its own or coupled with the original SuperSpeed Golf Set.

    Bundle your SuperSpeed set with a PRGR Launch Monitor and save €30 


    The Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar is the perfect addition to any SuperSpeed Golf Training Package.  With this simple device, you are not only able to measure your swing speed with a golf club, but also with any of the SuperSpeed Golf Training Clubs.  We have found that using this radar during our protocols will provide great motivation to make each swing faster than the last. This will optimize the OverSpeed Training effect and maximize speed gains.

    The most affordable, portable instrument available for measuring clubhead swing speed and tempo time

    The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer (SSRTT) is basically two instruments in one. When used on the driving range, or during practice rounds, the immediate feedback of these two inputs provided by the SSRTT, along with the ball flight characteristics, will help establish a benchmark by which a golfer can monitor swing performance, optimize swing mechanics, and monitor swing consistency.


    • Players can measure their swing speed, determine their speed for optimum performance, monitor their swing consistency and select the club characteristics that best suit their swing.

    • Increased swing speed corresponds to increased ball distance. However, over-swinging can produce inferior results, 'it's not how hard you swing but how well you swing'.

    • The Swing Speed Radar provides real time velocity feedback that assists players and coaches/instructors in measuring performance improvement and in trouble shooting swing mechanics.

    • The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer compliments tempo training by measuring a golfers' actual Tempo Time consistency, from club takeaway to ball contact, to one hundredth of a second.

    • It has proven to be the tool of choice for professional golf instructors and clubmakers.

    • No need to adjust settings—it's ready to use. No need to attach device(s) to the clubhead or shaft. No need to hit an actual golf ball—use a wiffle ball, Birdie Ball, sponge ball or equivalent to simulate a real ball.

    • The Swing Speed Radar is used and endorsed by many professional golf players and coaches, like Jim McLean, the 1994 PGA National Teacher of the Year and owner of the Jim McLean Golf Schools.
    €529,00 €657,00

    "The easiest way to gain speed." - Padraig Harrington, 3x Major Champion

    Gain 20 yards in 6 weeks with Golf's #1 Swing Speed Training System used by 700+ Tour Professionals.

    Get the complete SuperSpeed Training bundle our Ambassadors use to gain and maintain speed out on Tour including the original SuperSpeed Golf Training System, the SuperSpeed C Training Club, the SuperSpeed Squeeze, and the PRGR Portable Launch Monitor.

    • Our original SuperSpeed Golf Training System uses 3 clubs - 2 that are lighter than your driver + 1 that is heavier - to speed up your golf swing through overspeed training.
    • The SuperSpeed C Club is counterweighted to train maximum arm/hand and release speed.
    • The SuperSpeed Squeeze is a grip strength trainer to increase hand and arm strength to maximize your speed.
    • Combine these three systems with our free online training and track your speed gains with the easy-to-use and accurate PRGR Portable Launch Monitor.

    Which set is right for me? It depends on what driver you play!

    • Men's Set - Standard Men's Driver - 60g+ Shaft, X, S, R Flex
    • Senior Set - Ultralight Driver - Under 60g Shaft, R, S, A Flex
    • Ladies Set - Ultralight Driver - Under 60g Shaft, R, A, L Flex
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