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The Speed Bundle ( 3 Club set of choice, PRGR Radar, C Club)

Don’t buy another overpriced driver this year. Instead, make distance gains with The ULTIMATE Speed Bundle is the complete package including the original SuperSpeed Golf Training System, The new SuperSpeed C Training Club, and the brand new 2021 PRGR Portable Launch Monitor. This package guarantees that you will see big swing speed gains.

Improve your striking with Strike Spray!

Off-center strikes are the #1 reason most amateur golfers lose distance. It is difficult however, to figure out exactly where contact was made on each swing. Even some of the best launch monitors don’t measure face contact.

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"The easiest way to gain speed." - Padraig Harrington, 3x Major Champion

Gain 20 yards in 6 weeks with Golf's #1 Swing Speed Training System used by 700+ Tour Professionals.

Get the complete SuperSpeed Training bundle our Ambassadors use to gain and maintain speed out on Tour including the original SuperSpeed Golf Training System, the SuperSpeed C Training Club, the SuperSpeed Squeeze, and the PRGR Portable Launch Monitor.

  • Our original SuperSpeed Golf Training System uses 3 clubs - 2 that are lighter than your driver + 1 that is heavier - to speed up your golf swing through overspeed training.
  • The SuperSpeed C Club is counterweighted to train maximum arm/hand and release speed.
  • The SuperSpeed Squeeze is a grip strength trainer to increase hand and arm strength to maximize your speed.
  • Combine these three systems with our free online training and track your speed gains with the easy-to-use and accurate PRGR Portable Launch Monitor.

Which set is right for me? It depends on what driver you play!

  • Men's Set - Standard Men's Driver - 60g+ Shaft, X, S, R Flex
  • Senior Set - Ultralight Driver - Under 60g Shaft, R, S, A Flex
  • Ladies Set - Ultralight Driver - Under 60g Shaft, R, A, L Flex
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