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Does More Speed Training Equal More Speed?

Does More Speed Training Equal More Speed?

Does training more often equal more speed gained? This is a question we often get from SuperSpeed Golf users and is something that many players wonder when it comes to increasing their clubhead speed. In most instances, performing speed training more frequently or longer than is recommended leads to diminishing results.

Training to increase your club head speed involves both a physical and neuromuscular aspect. Unfortunately we are not able to feel our nervous system fatigue the same way we feel our muscles. For example, if you complete a training session in the gym or a run where you push too hard, the next day frequently results in muscular soreness from those activities.  When training the nervous system we often aren’t able to feel if we have pushed too hard or not. Since Overspeed training is making us swing faster than we normally would on course or during practice, this results in a high neurological stimulus. Recognizing how fatiguing this can be to the nervous system, adequate rest is recommended for optimal gains and reduced risk of injury. At SuperSpeed Golf, we have each protocol session followed by a full day of rest.

When you first begin training with SuperSpeed you may find that the Level 1 protocol leaves you tired which is very common. The more you train the more your body will get used to the effort required to maximize your speed output. As you continue to progress using SuperSpeed you get the urge to train more frequently than we recommend due to the sessions feeling “too easy”. If this occurs we still recommend only training 3 days per week, with a greater focus on providing maximum effort output with each swing. If you have a measuring device like our PRGR Launch Monitor keep close track of what the speeds of each club are session to session. Combining max effort with proper rest will help you achieve your club head speed goals.



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