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SWING U Review: SuperSpeed Golf Training System

SWING U Review: SuperSpeed Golf Training System

"Being located in the Midwest, we get a few chances in the shoulder season to play golf, but over the course of these six weeks, I believe I played a grand total of 3 rounds, which meant my primary golf training came in the form of swinging three weighted sticks as hard as I could three times per week. 

(Note: that’s a big key to this whole thing. Overspeed training is based on 100% effort. You’re trying to train your body to go faster than it thinks it can, so that max effort is important.) 

Out on the course, I thought I was hitting it farther, but you can never be sure until you put some data behind it, and after six weeks I did. 

The numbers the SkyTrak was spitting out were causing me to take double-takes. What previously was an absolute bomb became somewhat normal. After six weeks, my ball speed average increased by 4 MPH while my clubhead speed ticked up to a 115 MPH average.


The Conclusions

My biggest takeaway, aside from the obvious, was that my ceiling is now my floor. You hear the pros talk about leaving some distance in the tank, swinging at less-than 100% and it feels like this is an option for me now.

I’m flying the ball as far as it was going with a ~20-yard rollout six weeks ago. That’s a huge advantage! There’s definitely some acclimation needed in order to dial back in the accuracy that will be required to play good golf, but that was part of the reason I opted to try this in my offseason. I have the next 3-4 months to not only continue to add speed and incremental distance gains, but also get my yardages down throughout the bag.

I was carrying the ball 22 yards farther with a total distance of 315 versus 289 a month and a half prior. This boggled my mind so much so that as I was preparing to write this article earlier this week, I went back and rehit 10 drivers (admittedly really well) and saw the same numbers. And for what it’s worth, this is the exact same driver, shaft, etc. 

If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of this exercise, maybe a modest distance gain at best. I’m honestly blown away by the results here, and will be continuing into Level 2 and beyond, anticipating that second little jump that SuperSpeed projects between Month 4 and Month 6. 

Hitting the ball far is fun. Being able to dial it back and still get it out there a good ways is even more exciting."

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