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GOLFALOT PRGR Portable Launch Monitor Review

GOLFALOT PRGR Portable Launch Monitor Review

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It’s just so easy to use and, to be honest, the majority of amateurs probably don’t need too much more detail than they’re getting here. Once you start trying to dissect your own club path and dynamic loft at impact, things can start to get a little messy so it’s best to leave that technical stuff to your Pro when you go for a lesson.

For things like working on club head speed, or getting some yardages for your wedges though, it’s perfect.

PRGR Portable Launch Monitor Verdict

Obviously it doesn’t provide the same extensive detail as the likes of a Trackman or Foresight launch monitor but for a budget portable option, it’s as good as anything we’ve ever tested.

This kind of device is ideal for getting an idea of your yardages at the driving range, working on building up your club head speed, or just having a bit of fun on the golf course with your mates and seeing who produces the best numbers.

If I was being really picky I would love to be able to see launch angle and spin rates as I think then the PRGR would cover all bases, but this is much harder to predict for a device like this so I’d rather they didn’t bother if it’s not going to be accurate.

If you’re looking to take your golf training to the next level without breaking the bank, I’d highly recommend the PRGR Portable Launch Monitor.

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